Blessed and Peaceful Easter to All

Peace and a Blessed Easter to you all. Thank God that we have been given the opportunity to celebrate the Paschal Mysteries again in 2022 which is ‘The Life, Death and Resurrection of the Lord’ In doing so we Celebrate the fact that " Life has conquered death. Mercy and Love have conquered sin.

We need renewed Faith and Hope for this reality to be realised in our world, especially when human beings are suffering humiliation and death, as in Ukraine and in other troubled parts of the world and in a world recovering from the Covid 19.

But Christ is Risen! Hallelujah. Let us be a believing Easter People.

May I wish you and your families a Blessed Easter and may the miracle of Easter fill you all with renewed Faith and Hope, Love and Joy.

We continue to pray for peace in Ukraine. God Bless you always.

Fr John McEvoy