St Anthony's Feast Day Celebration at Raviravi

Decorated statue of St Anthony on a palaquin in the church

People came from the West, Suva, New Zealand and the U.S.A to celebrate St Anthony’s feast day in Raviravi on Trinity Sunday. The feast day occurs on June 13th but traditionally is celebrated in Raviravi on the nearest Sunday.

Fr Paul Tierney was the principal concelebrant and was assisted by Fr Marianand while Fr Frank Hoare was also present. Fr Paul

emphasized the need for real change in our lives. Singers and musicians led the hymns in the church which was beautifully decorated by the ladies of Raviravi.

Ms Lila Wati giving communion during Mass

After Mass the statue of St Anthony holding the child Jesus was taken three times around the church in procession as the shahnai sounded and the following people prayed decades of the rosary.

Shahnai and drums leading the Ba devotees

Carrying of the statue around the church

After that many people made a donation and performed aarti to the image of St Anthony and the child Jesus as they made their personal prayers.

Mrs Daniel Mani performing aarti

The Ba Parish Men’s club helped by erecting the shed for lunch and dismantling it afterwards. A sevusevu was offered to Fr Paul and many families distributed Indian sweets. The Samuel family from Lautoka provided a delicious chicken palau lunch for all. Old friends met and new friends were made. All rejoiced in the glorious weather and in the blessings of the Lord.