Comments & Social Media Policy

In this Comments & Social Media Policy:

Website means St Columbans Mission Society’s website, located at the domain:

Social Media Pages means pages and accounts operated by St Columbans Mission Society on social media sites including but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and SoundCloud. 

1.      We value your readership and feedback. Your comments, ideas and concerns are important to us. To maintain a respectful and constructive dialogue we are sharing this Comments & Social Media Policy with our readers.

The purpose of this Policy is to:
(a)    affirm that opinion and commentary to online content published by St Columbans Mission Society is welcomed as part of our commitment to encouraging discussion, dialogue and community engagement; and
(b)    ensure any comments or material posted on our Website or Social Media Pages is appropriate and respectful of others.

2.      St Columbans Mission Society may, in its absolute discretion, take any action it considers necessary or appropriate to achieve the objectives set out in paragraph 1 above including:
(a)    reviewing and moderating any comments submitted by users before publication;
(b)    removing or not allow comments to be published on the Website or Social Media Pages; and/or
(c)    blocking contributors or users who do not comply with this policy from the Website and Social Media Pages.
(d)    removing or editing a comment on the Website or Social Media Pages if the comment:

  • is off-topic;
  • contains personal or cultural attacks or insults to other readers or the author;
  • is offensive in nature or contains offensive language;
  • includes spam;
  • contains any misprint including spelling, grammatical or typographical errors;
  • contains repetitive posting, copied and pasted, or duplicated by single or multiple users;
  • contains information that may compromise the safety or security of the public or includes any promotion or discussion of behaviour that is unlawful;
  • is abusive, aggressive, violent, obscene, profane, hateful, derogatory, racist or sexist in language or in behaviour;
  • contains plagiarised material;
  • constitutes a breach of copyright;
  • contains advertising or promotional links or information;
  • is misleading in any way; or
  • contains any other inappropriate content as determined by St Columbans Mission Society.

3.      Comments submitted after hours or on weekends that are subject to review and moderation will be read and posted as soon as practicable.

4.      When interacting with the Website or Social Media Pages, St Columbans Mission Society requests that you:
(a)    exercise courtesy; and
(b)    do not post your personal information, address or phone number.

5.      The Website and Social Media Pages may contain comments or links to other sites and social media that are not maintained by St Columbans Mission Society. St Columbans Mission Society is not responsible for the content of those sites or social media and does not accept responsibility for the use or reliance of materials of any website or other social media which is referred to or accessed through the Website and/or Social Media Pages. It is your responsibility to check and adhere to the rules, policies and guidelines of the relevant social media sites.

6.      The inclusion of any link or comment from such sites or social media does not imply endorsement by St Columbans Mission Society of the sites or social media, nor do we make any warranty whatsoever including in respect of their reliability, relevance, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability, quality, safety, physical state or fitness for a particular purpose.

7.      St Columbans Mission Society has no responsibility to check the accuracy or reliability or safety of every post or comment made on the Website or Social Media Pages.

8.      Where an email address is provided when submitting a comment on the Website or Social Media Pages, your email address will only be used for the purposes for which you provided it. By providing your email address, you give St Columbans Mission Society consent to contact you via email if needed.

9.      St Columbans Mission Society respects your privacy. You will not be added to any St Columbans Mission Society promotional or marketing database unless you have consented or requested for this to occur. For more information about how St Columbans Mission Society manages personal information, please read our Privacy Policy.

10.    Any questions or concerns about this policy please contact St Columbans Mission Society at:

Telephone: +61 (3) 9375 9475
Postal Address: Columban Mission Centre, PO Box 752, Niddrie VIC 3042 Australia