Come and See

A New Normal - with a New a way of Promoting Vocation

The Covid 19 restrictions did not stop us from doing vocation promotions. 

We, Columban seminarians explored new ways to reach out and share our vocation stories to young men here in Fiji and abroad. 

On the 11th of September 2021. We had our first ever ‘Come and See’ on zoom. The webinar began at 10am and ended at 1pm.

The program was hosted by the formation community. We shared about our life as a Columban and our different experiences we encountered on the journey.

Our two newly ordained priests who are currently working in Ba 

[Fr. Teakare] and Labasa Parish, [Fr. Aminiasi] also shared about their work in the Parishes. We also viewed some short videos from our brother priests working overseas, sharing with us their mission experiences.

There were about ten young men from different parts of Fiji and 7 young men from Kiribati who joined this Zoom; Come and See. 

The second vocation webinar was on the 30th of October, 2021. 

There were 20 young men from Kiribati who joined us. They were gathered at the Sacred Heart College to be part of the webinar. 

These students were from King George V High School, St Louis High School, St Marys College, Sacred Heart College and Kiribati Pastoral Institute. Unfortunately, only one joined us from Fiji. 

It was an interesting and exciting experience. Within a short period of time, we were able to share about vocation journey as Columban seminarians to those young men zooming in from Kiribati and Fiji. This program has also helped us, to keep in touch with our young people, who are out there and still discerning about their future. 


by Elia Poasa

Columban Student


Formation House, Fiji

Paula Suka

Fiji group on Zoom.

Our Formation Community


Kiribati Participants

Participants joining the Zoom session.

Zoom in progress.

Tuning in all the way from Kiribati.

All the particpants had something to eat during tea-break.

The group from Tarawa