Fiji Columban Country Meeting

20th July, 2022.

A bright day with all the Columban parish priests, the CCIM reps, Lay Missionaries, seminarians and the mission office staff met to give reports and share insights of their work and what the Columbans are doing in Fiji.

It was down to basics as our parish priests shared their mission in the parish with their share of success and challenges. It was also the same with the other groups and the mission staff – JPIC, IRD, Communication, Office Manager and Country Team Leader.

There was a lot of good that came out of this meeting as there was a lot of discussion and questions regarding our work and how we can improve our service to the people.

Our annual Child Protection Policy refresher training was a good reboot to our current knowledge and is definitely an important part of our work.

Our day ended with our Eucharistic celebration and parable of the mustard seed which reminds us of the potential we can make in someone’s life and the impacts of all the work that we do in the vineyard of the Lord.

Columban Friends and family.

Sharing the Joys of Mission

Thanking the mission office for the preparation of this meeting and it was indeed a success. It is hoped that we move forward with  renewed strength and spirit and keep on planting the mustard seed of Mission.

Vinaka Vakalevu,

Tevita. N