Covid 19 and the Apocalypse

Fr Donal McIlraithFr Donal McIlraith

Here in Fiji, it seems that some people are worried about wearing masks and other things surrounding this current Covid pandemic and that these things are foreseen in the Apocalypse. I have studied and constantly read the Apocalypse – in Greek and English – and can assure everyone that the Covid does not appear in this book. The 6th trumpet speaks of people being hurt but not dying (Rev 9:3-5) and Rev 16:2-3 speaks on sores on people. This corresponds to the 6th plague of Egypt (Exod 9:9). But we know God sent the plagues to save his people so here in the Apocalypse also God’s plan is to convert people (Rev 9:20). So no, we have nothing to fear from the Apocalypse. We can follow the Holy Father’s example and wear masks and have ourselves inoculated and take other common-sense measures that will help us get through this difficulty. 

Fr Donal McIlraith teaches Mission Awareness and  Education in Fiji.  He has just celebrated 50 years of priesthood.

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