Farewell to Ba Parish: Fr John McEvoy Remembers 1990 – 1995.

Feb 01, 2023
On the 24th February the Parish of Christ the King Ba will farewell Fr Pat Colgan present Parish Priest and the Columbans in general who served in the parish for almost the past 70 years.
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  Kiribati President Hosts State Banquet for Fr Donal McIlraith

Jan 24, 2023
On Mon Jan 16, the president of Kiribati, the Hon Taniti Mamau hosted a banquet in honour of Columban Father, Donal McIlraith, of Macroom. Fr McIlraith is a Columban who has taught scripture at the Suva Seminary for the past 34 years. In that time, he taught nearly all the present priests of Kiribati.…
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Dec 19, 2022
In November 2022, myself and my friend Amy, two Catholic school teachers from the Archdiocese of Birmingham were welcomed and immersed into life at Christ The King Parish, Ba, Fiji. We know the UK Columbans through the outreach of James Trewby to our respective schools and he put us in touch with…
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  Feast day of St Columban. Historic Event in Fiji/Region of Oceania

Dec 15, 2022
As the sun was setting over Suva Harbour on the evening of 23nd November 2022, a significant celebration was beginning at the Columban Central House, Suva in honour of our Patron Saint, St Columban.
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Nov 22, 2022
The above are the words of Ana Vusama, one of the 131 candidates who were confirmed by Frs Veremo Dovarua (Vicar of the Western Region of Fiji) and Fr Pat Colgan (Parish Priest, Ba) in her words in testimony during our Feast Day Mass of Christ the King on Sunday 20th November 2022.
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  “Partner in Mission Since the Age of 10”

Aug 15, 2022
Sisilia Sigatabu, born on 16 Aug 1942, began life at a settlement at Nadarivatu (the deep interior of Fiji) because her father Valerio was a carpenter there ...
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