Ash Wednesday mass with Catholic students and teachers at Nasinu Secondary School - Fr Willie Lee.

It's great to see the number of Catholic Students and Catholic teachers at non Catholic schools and I want to thank the Catholic teachers and parents for their great support to their children in living their missionary calling of Baptisim in a non catholic school.

 Lenten season is like a gadget called GPS. Global Positioning System. Traveller's rely on GPS because it gives them the rite track. If we go our own way not following the GPS, the GPS will humbly tell us or re root us back to the rite track with a humble voice. The GPS will not shout or get angry if we going the wrong way it will just recalculate, retrack and reposition us back to the rite path.
So the Lenten season is like God as our GPS in life, if we get lost, astray or confused God is always waiting for us and calling us in a soft voice to get back to track and find our way back to the rite destination of life.
We pray that during this lenten season, Instead of Global....we can put God positioning our System in showing us the rite path to follow. A blessed Lenten season.