Eco-Christmas Display 3rd Year Anniversary

Eco Christmas 2016On its third year, the Eco-Crib Display of St Pius X Parish, Raiwaqa, made its call on ecological conversion louder. The Eco-Crib was first displayed on December 2016 with the purpose of spreading awareness on climate change and ecological conversion. The display is 95% made out of eco-friendly and recycled materials. The manger was built with scraps, used timber and bamboo strips; the statues were made of old newspapers; the Star was made out of recycled plastic cups adorned with LED lights; the small stars at the background were made out of newspaper tubes. As a personal advocacy, I agreed to work on the projected requested by the parish Commission on Liturgy and Sacrament (This year, Commission on Evangelization and Bible, Commission on Family Life and Commission on Youth took the torch to be in charge of the annual display). Together with the young people of St Pius X, I spent over a month to create the paper mâché statues which are the main highlight of the display.

The Eco-Crib Display aims, if not for the obvious reasons, to spread awareness on Climate Crisis and ecological conversion. It also aimed to evangelize and proclaim a deeper meaning of Christmas opposite to what is advertised by consumerism. The display, as it catches attention from passers-by, invites for reflection on what humanity has done to its only home and pray for an open mind and heart to look for alternatives, if not solutions, to the harm done that the next generation may have a planet that they can call their home too.

As practiced, the Eco-Crib is lit on the day the parish holds its Parish Carol Night. Before the switch is turned on, the crib is blessed. A certain child is chosen to turn the lights on after the solemn blessing. This is to symbolize the call of the next generation to the present to respond to the truth of climate crisis. As the crib is lit, a chosen Christmas carol is sung.

Eco Crib 2017

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