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  An All Night Sitting

Aug 12, 2022
22 August 1977, Yesterday evening the youths of Nacemaki, as usual, played touch rugby on the village green. As darkness fell and the youths ...
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  Tirikuttu – A South Indian Folk Dance

Aug 09, 2022
3 September 1976, Our committee president in Naleba was very interested in Tirikuttu. It is a South Indian dance drama – a form of ritual ...
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  Becoming a Celibate “Father”

Aug 08, 2022
May 2019, “I discovered a deeper meaning in the Our Father when I became a father myself,” said the Anglican vicar to me. I had just invited ...
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  A Meke (Dance) and Baby Sharks

Aug 02, 2022
14 August 1977, I met the fishermen last night as I crossed the Nacamaki village green on my way to a dance practice. The dau ni vucu (composer) ...
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  Suva Youth IRD Pilgrimage

Jul 21, 2022
16 July 2022, About 60 mostly young people gathered at the Lakeba St Muslim mosque before 10.00 a.m. on Saturday 16 July 2022. Our IRD pilgrimage began here ...
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  Learning Politeness

Jul 18, 2022
27 July 1977, Here in Nacamaki village on Koro Island, where I am practicing the Fijian language by living in the village, there are many blessings ...
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  Fr Pat Visanti’s Work in Pakistan

Jul 15, 2022
Fr Pat’s departure from Fiji has been delayed for a few days because of a wait for a transit visa. So while he waits we can catch up on his work in Pakistan ...
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