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  18/12/2022 Faith that Grows

Feb 24, 2023
On the first evening of a recent visit to Ba parish where twenty five years previously I had received five people into the Catholic Church I visited Jyoti, one of them.
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  22/12/2022 A Christmas Party for Non-Christians

Feb 24, 2023
A Senior Citizen’s organization in Ba has weekly gatherings for elderly, mostly Hindu and Muslim women, from the area. A bus collects and brings them to a house in a quiet street which has a big lean-to shed attached.
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  23/12/2022 Being led by the Holy Spirit

Feb 23, 2023
The thought crossed my mind to give her the price of a new pair. I hesitated. Would it be appropriate? Then I realized that the thought could be an inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
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  30/12/2022 A Bright Girl with Initiative

Feb 21, 2023
I hadn’t visited Koroqaqa village in Ba parish for more than 20 years. I heard that they had almost completed a new church. So while helping out in Ba parish over Christmas, I made arrangements with the catechist to say Mass there on Friday night, December 30th.
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  20/12/2022 Ba – a Friendly Town

Feb 20, 2023
Ba town is not on the Fiji tourist trail. But I enjoy shopping there because the shop assistants answer me in Hindi when I speak it to them.
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  19/12/2022 A SWEATY SUNDAY

Feb 15, 2023
I was back in Ba Parish for two weeks to help Fr Pat Colgan, the Parish Priest, over Christmas. The sky was blue and the sun was bright on the Sunday before Christmas as I left Ba town at 8.00 a.m. for the 40 minute drive up the mountains to Navala village.
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  4th August 1980 A WISE TEACHER

Feb 06, 2023
“Well, will you write a letter of protest for us?” “No. It is your problem. You must write it yourselves.” “But none of us can write.” “O.K. I will write it but you must tell me what to write....
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