A Seminarian Speaks Up

3 September 1996,

I am enjoying being in Ba Parish as assistant priest to Fr Tom Daly. Fr Tom was known as a strict disciplinarian when he was Principal of Xavier College but here in the parish he is very gentle and hard-working. He likes doing sacramental instruction and he prepares his homilies very well.

We have a seminarian on pastoral year with us too. At present he works in the town area visiting families and prayer groups and helping with the youth. Today he surprised us at lunch by saying,

“I couldn’t live like you two priests.”

Why, what is the matter with us,” I asked.

“Well you get up early in the morning and work all morning. Then we eat lunch and after your rest you both work all afternoon. Then after dinner you again work until bed-time. That is a very severe life-style which I couldn’t follow.”

“So what would help you to feel more at ease?”

“Well, if we drank yaqona before lunch or dinner we could relax and enjoy things.”

So now we drink yaqona every day before lunch. It is true, it makes for a more relaxed life!

by Fr. Frank Hoare