The Pundit's Advice

6th May, 1976,

I called on a Hindu couple today in a rural settlement. The wife welcomed me with a cup of tea, as usual. Her husband was pottering around the compound but he came over to chat.

The wife took the opportunity to complain about him. 

“We had a fight a few days ago. We are not talking. The only time I speak to him is when I place his meal before him. Then I say, “Here is your meal.”

Surprised, I asked her why, if they were not on speaking terms, she nevertheless announced his meal. 

“It’s not because of him,” she explained. “It’s because the pundit who performed our wedding told me during the ceremony that it is my responsibility before God to tell my husband that his meal is ready. That is why I say it.”

I was impressed that a bride would remember and apply the teaching of her wedding day even when she was upset with her husband. It was surely a bridge for reconciliation too. 

By Fr. Frank Hoare