St Agnes of Montepulciano Celebrated on April 20th

Dominican nun and mystic. Born in 1268, to a wealthy family in Gracchiano-Vecchio, in Italy, Agnes is said to have entered a convent in Montepulciano in Tuscany at the age of nine. She was later made bursar and superior at a new foundation in Proceno. There Agnes experienced many visions of Christ, Mary and the angels, and was invited to return to her her home town. Back in Montepulciano she established a new convent in a former brothel.

Many prophesies and miracles were attributed to her. After a long illness she died aged 49 in 1217.

Her shrine soon became a popular pilgrimage destination. The Emperor Charles IV and Catherine of Siena were among her devotees. She is often depicted in art. Tiepolo paints her as one of the saints surrounding his Madonna in the Jesuit church in Venice.

She is patroness of Montepulciano and is sometimes painted holding the town in her hands.

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