e-Kaulotu - October 2023


Ministering to the Living among the Dead

It is still one of the experiences in Manila that most impressed me and left me with a lasting memory to treasure and recall.
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Interreligious Dialogue Ministry - The story of Creation

Today’s gathering is the fruit of months of involved fraternal dialogue among faith groups coming together, aware of the necessity for even deeper…
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Come, Holy Spirit: A Retreat for High School Students

The theme of our retreat, “Come, Holy Spirit”, centred on the love of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the fruits of the Holy…
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Interreligious Dialogue on Prayer and a Talk for Peace at Toorak Jame Masjid

Promote respect between different faiths and a peaceful environment for the benefit of society
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Youth for change

Youth for change was the theme that the youth in Raiwaqa Parish chose for their revival program after the COVID-19 pandemic period.
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Biodiversity Month - Healing our relationship with creation

September is known in Australia as Biodiversity Month, a time to promote the importance of connecting with creation and protecting biodiversity…
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Discover the Joy of Serving

Columban missionary priests live a rewarding and rich life, serving God's people across the globe, and seek to build God's Kingdom wherever they…
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