e-Kaulotu - March 2023


Easter Prayer - Emmaus

Deliver us, Lord, from the fruits of death, and grant us the joy of discovering your path, in Christ Jesus, the risen Lord...
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Easter Joy

Easter is the most significant feast in Christianity, even greater than Christmas, although the two are closely linked. Our life here on earth…
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Columban Pentecost - Bishop Galvin, Fr Blowick

The Columbans were not founded through a vision or a revelation given to the founders, as has sometimes happened. We were founded because two…
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Reflections for Easter Sunday

The Empty Tomb and the Resurrection are Good News, but it is sometimes painful because it involves death. We're called to die to sin, die to…
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Meet a Columban mission partner - Pauliasi Sekiveikau

Columban mission partner Pauliasi Sekiveikau is a part of the St Patrick sector 5 of Raiwaqa parish, in Fiji. He is the parish pastoral council…
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