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The story of creation -


Dear God,

You loved the world so much that you created everything in it. On the first day, you created the heavens and the earth, separating light from darkness. But today, I have created large buildings to block the heavens from the earth. On the second day, you created the blue seas, but today I have dumped all my rubbish in your beautiful oceans. On the third day, you created land and plants, but today I have cleared the land and your forests for development. On the fourth day, you created the sun, moon and stars, but today I take them for granted and ignore your blessings. On the fifth day, you created birds and sea creatures, but today I take more than I need from the sea. On the sixth day, you created me and other animals, but today I have caged your animals and taken their homes. On the seventh day, you rested but today I never rest in harming, polluting and killing your creation. This season of creation, I am sorry, Lord. I vow to protect Mother Earth for all generations.

As one family, we come together united in a human fraternity to raise awareness of the unprecedented challenges that threaten us and life on our beautiful common home, Earth. As youth leaders and young people from various religious traditions, we unite in a spirit of humility, responsibility, mutual respect, and open dialogue. This dialogue is not limited to the exchange of ideas but focuses on the desire to walk in companionship, recognising our call to live in harmony with one another and with nature. Today’s gathering is the fruit of months of involved fraternal dialogue among faith groups coming together, aware of the necessity for even deeper solidarity in the face of the global pandemic and a growing concern for our common home.

Pescila Magdalin is the Inter-Religious Dialogue (IRD) Coordinator in Fiji.

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