Latest Edition - Bridges - December 2019

This issue of Bridges treats interreligious dialogue:

  • The Editorial stresses the importance of interreligious dialogue (p. 1)
  • Centre News shows how we promote interreligious dialogue through hospitality, talks, YATRA pilgrimage, film and youth (pp. 2-3).
  • World News shows interreligious dialogue through document, architecture, standing up for others and against discrimination, pursuing peace (pp. 4-5).
  • The new cardinals symbolise interreligious dialogue (p. 6-7)
  • Religions for Peace advance shared well-being (p. 8)
  • The Abrahamic religions sign joint statement on end-of-life issues (p. 9)
  • Muslims and Christians bear joint witness (p. 10)

We wish our Christian readers a blessed and happy Christmas.
We wish all our Muslim readers a safe and happy holiday.

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Rev Dr Patrick McInerney
Director, Columban Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations

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