Columbans at St Johns College Cawaci

Three of the 13 Columbans that first arrived in Fiji taught at St John's College Cawaci. With little opportunity to learn Fijian whilst teaching they also taught for the Cambridge School Certificate and had special interest of their own.

Fr. Michael Cryan learned school administration, Fr. Arthur Tierney coached and refereed rugby and Fr. Gerry Hurley coached the boys in athletics.

Fr. Hurley himself a champion pole vaulter, almost killed himself while introducing it to St. John's. Since they had no proper pole he tried using a straight length of bamboo. At the top of his jump the bamboo snapped and he fell to the ground like a ton of bricks, almost breaking his neck. This experience however did not discourage him from producing good athletes at St. John's.


Picture Credit: SJC FB Page