Fr Edward McColgan

Remembering our beloved deceased
Those who have gone before us...
On the 15th of January, it was Fr Edward McColgan’s Anniversary. Fr. Eddie served in Xavier College (1958 -1970;1972-1974); Savarekareka (1976-1980); Bemana (1980-1982); Tamavua (1983-1985); Yasawa (1990-1998) and Sigatoka (1999-2002). Fr. Edward McColgan died in 2008.
He was principal of Xavier College and Corpus Christi. Parish Priest in Savarekareka, built St Bede’s School, Parish Priest in St Patrick’s Yasawa and Sigatoka.
Whilst in Xavier College, Fr. Eddie started an association among his students to help the Crippled Children's Society. They collected money through many forms of fund-raising and, over a few years, were able to raise more than $5,000 for operations, medicine, artificial legs or just a special pair of boots.