Fr. Dermot Hurley

Fr. Dermot Hurley with Queen Elizabeth II visiting the HA Raiwaqa Estate

Fr. Dermot Hurley served in Ba (1953-1959; 1964-1970); Samabula (1960-1964); HART (1972-1975); Raiwaqa (1977-1986); Korolevu (1986-1990)

Fr. Dermot Hurley had a passion for housing. In 1969 he wrote to the Fiji Council of Churches and suggested that it form a committee to prepare a constitution of a charitable trust to build houses for the very poor. This became HART (Housing Assistance and Relief Trust). The first meetings of HART were held in 1970 and it organized a very successful fundraising appeal. Today HART provides housing and other services for more than 850 poor or destitute families.

Fr. Hurley was appointed a member of a housing committee in 1965 set up by the Medical Department to consider low cost housing which the government would approve of. In 1966 he was appointed to the Board of Housing Authority. He became the Chairman of the Board from 1967 to 1975.

Fr. Hurley was involved in building the Housing Authority Raiwaqa Estate where, as Chairman of the HA, he welcomed Queen Elizabeth II when she visited it with Prince Charles and Princess Anne in 1973.

The Turning Wheel
by Fr. Frank Hoare