Fr. Patrick Colgan

Today, we feature on the journey of a Columban Missionary who came to Fiji in 1990 as a student and returned 5 years later as a Columban Missionary Priest. Read this inspiring story of Fr. Patrick Colgan or Fr. Pat (whom he is known to many) as he shares a brief history of his arrival and experience serving in Fiji.

"I came to Fiji first in 1990 as a student to learn Hindi and experience my "First Missionary Assignment". I lived with rural families inĀ 
Raviravi (Ba) and then in Naleba (Labasa) where I joined in all the family and community/church activities - even to cutting sugar cane and being a member of a 'Hindi boy band" at one time... I returned to Ireland in 1992, to finish my seminary studies, and came back to Fiji as a priest on New Year's Day 1995."

"As a priest, I have been in Fiji from 1995-1998 (Labasa), 2000-2003 (Ba Parish), 2004-2012 (Rector of the Formation Program and Teacher at PRS), 2019-2022 (helping the Spiritual Year and now as parish priest of Ba). So that is a total of 17 years."

"I worked in Ba and Labasa. But when I was in Suva, I often helped with Masses in Samabula and Nadera parishes."

"My earliest and happiest times were in Raviravi and Naleba when I was able to move freely among Indian people, without being burdened with parish duties or administration. I very much enjoy chatting and singing hymns with Hindus in their temples.

I also discovered a talent of teaching (and preaching) while being called to be a lecturer at PRS and would give scripture seminars in many parishes around Suva.

I like working for greater inter-culture and interfaith understanding among the ethnic groups in Fiji."

by Fr. Pat Colgan SSC