Interfaith Peace Prayers for Israel and Palestine

Welcome by the host, Elder Whippy.

Extending our heartfelt gratitude to the religious leaders and representatives/members from Shri Sanatan Dharm, Arya Samaj, Ahmadiyya Anjuman- Ishat- Lahore, Sunni Jamaat, Presbyterian church, Latter Day Saints, Methodist church, Bahai faith, Fiji Council of Churches, Pacific Conferences of churches, students from Corpus Christi and FNU, Catholic women’s league, focolare group gathered at LDS hall to pray for Peace and Harmony.

With a deep sense of solidarity, many gathered to share the pain and anguish of those who suffer the terrible effects of terrorism, war, and violence. The aim of this religious prayer gathering was to open our hearts to the creator and stand together in solidarity to hold victims in our prayers. The prayer session began with an Interfaith prayer. We were able to pray and read appropriate scripture texts together for God’s Peace, unity, comfort, mercy, kindness, for the nations, Justice, hope, understanding and respect, try to bring peace into our world especially those who have been affected, killed by war, violence and abuse despite the religion and culture we come from. The various faiths shared that the life of every human person has equal dignity before the Creator, who
created us all in his image.

After each prayer, there were moments of silence observed by the congregation to remember the souls, the loved ones and to restore justice and peace. Let Peace fill all hearts, our world, our universe. Together we strive for a world united in faith and peace.

More pictures below:

Group picture after the prayer session. 


Fiji Council of Churches.


 Sai Prema Foundation organisation.


 Anil Reubin -Methodist Church of Fiji.   


Members from the Shri Sanatan Dharam.


Congregation observing moments of silence.


Rev. James Bhagwan -Pacific Conference of churches.


Students from FNU.


Wesley Methodist Church


Focolare Movement Group.


Representative from the Baha'i Faith.


 Members from the Arya Samaj.


Religious/representatives from the two muslim groups and Fr. Willie.



Group of ladies from the Muslim community- Sunni Jamat with Jay Malaga.


Representative from the Presbyterian church.


Catholic Women's League.









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