Talanoa Session on Climate Change.

Welcome by Jay Malaga, a science student from USP.

My heartfelt thanks to all - researchers, key speakers, sociology, and other science students from University of the South Pacific, for creating this space to share their experiences and perspectives to navigate the currents on Pacific Social Issues.  

 At this Talanoa session, these young participants, and a few youths from Raiwaqa Parish came together to share the practice nowadays on climate change like daily activities and saving our island. They also shared on some effects of past cyclones which made them realize the reality of climate change and made them to study sociology and other science subjects.  Many shared on the sacred spaces, culture preservation, poor people facing challenges in health, food, water, and livelihood security, migration and relocation and loss of cultural identity.  During the sharing and open floor discussions, the youths raised their concerns that they are struggling to solve issues on climate change when some aspects like culture values, beliefs, language, and maintaining of sacred spaces that shapes other customs. There will be another meet to keep the conversation going, to learn from one another, build a more sustainable, resilient world.

As stewards of God’s creation,  we all have a responsibility towards environment to ensure that the planet is respected, cared for and preserved.

The insights, experiences, personal stories, and reflections by the group was empowering and enlightening and it created connections and hope, together we can make a difference.

More pictures below:

Raiwaqa youths sharing their experiences and perspectives.


Attendees discussing the climate change


 Speakers from different science organizations sharing their stories based on their experiences.


Young youths sharing and raises their voices on climate change.



 Talanoa session


Pescila Magdalin
Interreligious Dialogue Coordinator


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