Women in Dialogue - IRD Coordinator Priscilla Magdalin

Program began with an Interfaith prayer together.

 The Women's Interfaith Group is blessed to celebrate the Season of Creation with  theme "Sowing seeds of Faith."
The Suva Women’s Interfaith Group from diverse faith backgrounds celebrated the Season of Creation on Saturday 2nd of September 2023. The different faith groups attended included women, men, youths, and children from the Muslim community, the Arya Samaj, the Methodist Church, the TISI Sangam, Sanatan, the Focolare movement, Art of living foundation, and the Sema group from the Raiwaqa Catholic church. 
This faith in action by the Women’s Interfaith group aimed to create a powerful movement to raise awareness and strengthen ties to share their faith with each other, their experiences, feelings and thoughts.  
Women from different faith groups share/exchange seedlings and plants.
Fr. Peter O'Neill, being the guest, shared about the work done and efforts by the women's (Interfaith) group in Sydney, Australia to break down prejudice and build bridges to peace. Usaia Yagona shared on the techniques of planting through food cubes and container gardening in small urban places. Sisilia  (Sema group) shared her experience on the skills of planting seedlings by using waste materials from backyards/compounds. She also shared the joy and excitement when the seedlings turn big into a plant and provide for the family. 
The Shobna Chanel Dance group of young girls performed a creative item on how the garden is prepared to plant our food and the energy we get after consuming and thank the creator for all that he has given us. 
Sisilia from Sema group shares her experience on skills of planting.
 Usaia Yagona shares the techniques of planting.
The women’s group arrived with plants and seedlings, each symbolizing their faith's reverence for the environment. Hindus, Christians, Muslims, and individuals from other faiths came together in action to exchange, share values and learn from each other to feel closer to the creator. The act of exchanging plants served as an expression of their shared responsibility for the Earth. About 40 people attended this event. The program concluded with a song on creation as a closing prayer and refreshments. 
Shazna shares on the charity of planting. 
This religious event brought a lot of fostering friendships, unity and understanding among women from different faiths. In conclusion, the interfaith gathering for the Season of Creation was a beautiful demonstration of promoting stewardship and building bridges of understanding and respect for Creation among religions. Thank  you for participating/attending this empowering Season of Creation Celebration.
IRD Ministry Coordinator- Priscilla Magdalin.
More pictures below:
 Women’s Interfaith Group. (Organizing team)
 Women from different faiths shared on the seedlings they planted and brought for sharing.
Sema group leads song on creation as a closing prayer.


 Care and share for creation.

 Song of creation : its care and God's gift to you.
 Sharing  their faith among women.
 Dance by the Shobna Chanel group on creation.
 The Muslim community shared the need to take care of our earth.
 Participants/attendees from different faith groups with the Society Regional Director for Oceania, Fr. Peter O’Neill.

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