Youths from Raiwaqa Catholic Parish Invited to Masjid Al Haqq Mosque, Suva

Attentive listening by the group


On a Wednesday evening, a group of young people with Fr. Pat Colgan from Raiwaqa parish, and Jay Malaga from the focolare group were welcomed by the Maulvi to join their evening prayers at the Mosque. The group greeted them in their faith traditions ‘Asalam alaykum,” which means Peace be upon you.

A guide was there for the ladies and men to join the prayers in separate rooms. We were kindly asked to remove our shoes before we could enter the prayer area.  After the prayers, the religious leader explained more on their five times prayer facing Mecca(west). Muslims often attend the Mosque on Friday for longer midday Jumma prayer, teaching, and sermon. Their daily prayers are based on the sun. He also explained on ablution (ritual washing) before entering the prayer hall. While they pray, their forehead and nose should touch the floor and that is submission asking good things in their prayer. They must be weak seen than showing strength in them to attain Peace and a believer in the Creator. The scriptures in their holy Quaran, their religious symbols- crescent and star are used to represent Islam. Another interesting question came up was the meaning of Allah and it was explained is the Arabic word for God.

It was a great place of welcome and very friendly people where it can help to know each other, build mistrust and no fear.  A small step in the Mosque can create empathy, new relationships, connections and understanding to build Peace among religions.

 More pictures below:

 Youths inside the mosque


 Youths inside the mosque


 Visiting group attended prayers at the mosque


 Deep sharing on practices and beliefs


Pescila Magdalin
Interreligious Dialogue Coordinator










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