Inter Tertiary Ministry

Leaders Meeting

1. The Inter-Tertiary Catholic leaders gathered on 20th March 2021 at the Columban house.

Inter Tertiary Leaders. Photo: Missionary Society of St. Columbans

Inter Tertiary Leaders. Photo: Missionary Society of St. Columbans

The aim of the meeting was to get the leaders to know each other, update each other on their plans, and share their views for their upcoming events for the year. (2021)

Also on the agenda was the Annual Inter Tertiary gathering which will be hosted by Natabua Campus, Lautoka in September.

There were campus leaders and representatives from:

  1. College of Humanities and Education in Natabua,
  2. College of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry in Koronivia,
  3. College of Business, Hospitability and Tourism in Nasinu,
  4. College of Nursing, medicine and Health Sciences in Tamavua,
  5. College of Engineering, Science and Technology in Samabula and reps from USP Campus.

Due to the Covid restrictions last year, the young leaders were not able to meet.

The Columbans have been engaged in Inter tertiary ministry several years back with Fr. Frank Hoare as Chaplain of FNU Catholic Students. He was replaced by Fr. William Lee in the past four years. We continue to journey with Inter Tertiary students, we help them in their faith journey and continue to promote Columban vocations.

2. The Catholic Tertiary Students meet on November 6th, 2021 at the Columban Formation House- Suva