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“To know Creation is to know the Creator.” - St Columban

For a number of years, JPIC Fiji has been active in promoting the integrity of Creation through programs regarding Climate Change and Ecological Justice.

At present, inspired by the message and values of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’, the desk focuses its energy on Care for Creation and Women and Youth Empowerment. This has been greatly influenced by the experiences of and with the people we work in parishes and in communities.

JPIC Fiji desk coordinates with the Heads of Commission on Social and Ecological Justice of the three Columban-run parishes in the three divisions of Fiji: Holy Family Parish (Northern Division), St Pius X Parish (Central Eastern Division), and Christ the King Parish (Western Division). Furthermore, the desk strives to assist these parishes in terms of providing resources (personnel and document/researches), reminders and/or updates on important dates concerning social and ecological justice, both local and worldwide. In the same way, the desk also strives to collaborate with the Archdiocesan Commission on Social and Ecological Justice office, other faith traditions, and NGOs.