Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

JPIC Contents :



History : 

  • The Columban commitment to  JUSTICE,PEACE and INTEGRITY of CREATION has been the integral part of the “ Mission” and our Missionary identity since its formalization 45 years ago in 1976 at the General Chapter.

  • This has been the guiding Framework of how the Columban Society globally undertake JPIC work.

1. Justice to All People and All of Creation.

2. Responding to the Challenges and Needs of our Time.

3. Addressing our Social Issues with Social Justice based on Catholic Social Teachings.

4. Calling us to be a Synodal Church.

Mission : 
The commitment to JPIC has lead us to:
  1. Advocate  for change in places of Political and Economic powers.
  2. To accompany people in their struggles for their Rights and Dignity.
  3. To pray for the on going Personal and Communal Conversion.
  4. Transformation of Unjust Structures and Governance.
  5. To live simply and in solidarity with People and Creation.

“ To know Creation, is to know the  Creator” St Columban

As Columbans we have a duty and reponsibilty to help the poor.

The Cry of the Earth- the Cry of the Poor.

Our Mission :

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