Cop 26 Fiji Side Event Workshop

The Deterioration of our Situation is at Code Red Now

The whole purpose of this event was to listen to the voices of people and communities already suffering from the effects of Climate Change and help amplify those voices through partnership, collaborations, networking, participation and solidarity.

Using different ways of communication through 'talanoa', poems, songs, art, drama, traditional wisdoms, and sayings - Vucu and Lisa to convey messages that can capture the hearts and minds so that changes can be made. Also using the social analysis of SEE, judge, and act to analyze the situations before implementing solutions to the problem that we are facing.

We also came together to give our collective statement to the government to address these concerns to our traditional leaders for their role in the Vanua. We also gave empowerment and support to the affected communities to show them that they are not alone in their struggle.

This platform also allows people from different communities to speak for themselves while at the same time build networks as this work needs teamwork and partnership. No one can do this alone for we all have our part to do as we all belong to one planet. That is the reason for the Dawasamu trip to be in solidarity with them as they fight to be free from the devastating effects of gravel extraction.

The Reality of our Situation

  • Extractions in Fiji.
  • Dawasamu Gravel Extractions Case.
  • COP 26
 Vorovoro village, Dawasamu - 10th December 2020

Vorovoro village, Dawasamu - 10th November 2021

This work is continuous as we look forward towards the implementations of the COP 26 resolutions and all the big talks that have been held in Glasgow.

We look forward to seeing how our own government put this into practice and we hope to see better changes.


Tevita. N

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