“How Climate Change is making Hurricanes and Rainstorms more dangerous.”

Summary report of TC Cody – Category 1 Cyclone

Wailotua village, Naitasiri, Central Highlands, Vitilevu. (insert- father and daughter sit on their roof for refuge)

The picture above is just one of the hundreds of the communities and villages in Fiji that been affected by the TC Cody floods. This similar scenario also took place in those villages and communities and even now some areas are still underwater as rain continues. As can be seen in this Flood Alert by Fiji Meteorological services today, that the whole of Fiji has been affected by flooding as highlighted in red.

The flooded village of Votua in Ba, Western Province, Viti Levu. Women relocating with their belongings. All the surrounding cane farms belonging to our Indian cane farmers on the Votua plain were also flooded.

St Columban’s Catholic Church, Votua, Ba (completely flooded)

Villagers of Votua seek refuge at Votua Catholic School in Ba.

Ba Town underwater.

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