The Tongan Volcano Part 1

I believe that we are lucky to have been able to witness one of nature’s unique, enormous, powerful, devastating yet wonderfully amazing activity that should remind us all of our place and that we live in a world that is constantly in motion and active.

And for us in the Oceania, we live on top of hot boiling fire known as the “ Ring of Fire”.

The impact of the volcano reached high above the atmosphere and is likely to affect our weather and atmospheric system. Yet, in all this devastation, there is creation of new life and a chain reaction of charity that have already started to pour into Tonga.

While the volcano has generated  a lot of brute and phenomenal force that is felt almost across the entire globe, it has also created a new land and ecosystem that will contribute to the renewal and the regeneration of our planet.

This pictures bring to life of what “ Genesis 1 ” is taking about and how David saw it in “ Psalm 8.”

This satellite image shows the initial eruption of the volcano and the sound wave that has travelled thousands of miles across the Pacific. We can only stand in awe and amazement to watch and feel its power as it force rippled across the entire Pacific Ocean and beyond.

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