Ecological Awakening and Community Engagement

FNU Catholic Students Association Opening Mass

The Opening Mass for the Fiji National University (FNU) Catholic Student Association brought together over 60 students at Formation House on the evening of Friday, March 8. The ceremony commenced with a unique adaptation of the Stations of the Cross inspired by the teachings of Pope John Paul II, focusing on the journey towards ecological conversion. Each Station featured readings of the 18 messages, engaging the students in reflection and contemplation.

Following the Stations of the Cross, a Mass was celebrated by Fr. William Lee, the Vocation Priest for Catholic Students. In his sermon, Father Lee addressed the challenges faced by students, including the temptations of sin, distractions from studies, and the importance of maintaining focus amidst the transition from home to university life. That the students maintain was has been taught from home and not to sway away from those good teachings and upbringing from home.

The Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) Coordinator shared insights with the students, highlighting the significance of Laudato Si and the upcoming Season of Creation activities scheduled for September. This discussion encouraged the Student Committee to explore opportunities for involvement and engagement with JPIC initiatives. Being also a Youth Worker, JPIC Coordinator settled in well in listening and giving advise to the students on career exploration and be ambitious for further development and knowledge in their chosen careers.

The event provided a platform for students from diverse fields of study, including those from Koronivia, Nasinu, Samabula and Tamavua, to come together and showcase their dedication to academic pursuits and personal growth. The presence of Father Frank Hoare added depth to the gathering, fostering a meaningful Talanoa session where conversations revolved around the progress and aspirations of young people.

The sense of community and shared faith among the students was palpable, reflecting the deep-rooted values instilled in them from their homes and upbringing in the Catholic faith. The event served as a reminder of the importance of spiritual grounding and community engagement in guiding the journey of young individuals through their academic and personal endeavours.

The FNU Student Association's Opening Ceremony set a tone of ecological awareness, personal growth, and community connection, laying a strong foundation for the students to embark on their educational journeys with purpose and mindfulness.

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