Ecological Justice Workshop

Our Strength is in our Solidarity

30th March to 1st April  - Uprising Resort – Deuba

This call from the Archbishop Peter Loy to form a network of Alliance on the work of Justice for people and communities suffering from abuses and injustices. This is very much in line with the call of Synodality where we must all try to work together for the Common Good as Pope Francis is asking us in the Laudato Si.

The amount of greed, selfishness and violence is increasing in the world today and we need to stay united in prayer and in our work for Justice and Peace for all Humanity and Creation to  preserve life and happiness.

Thanking the Archdiocese of Suva for taking the initiative to call this partnership as this brings organizational strength and unity on one common purpose of serving the Vulnerable and the Poor.

Thank you to PCC- Pacific Conference of Churches, CANDO – Church Agencies Network Disaster Operation, SEEP – Social Empower Economic Program , Transcend Oceania and JPIC Fiji for stepping up to the task to be the voice of the Oppressed.