JPIC- St Angela Community, ST Vincent De Paul, Parish – Nausori.

This was the banner that was used in the St Vincent De Paul parish in Nausori for the promotion of this seminar for a period of 2weeks and also online.  I am thankful to the Parish priest, committee and team there at St Angela for the preparation, attendance (55) and hospitality which resulted in a very fruitful seminar.

What the Season Creation means to you and how relevant is it to us?

There were many interesting sharing of experiences from both young and old people and it was encouraging and refreshing to hear the children share their perspective through Art. Throughout our session there was deep listening and attention from the participants as we try to relate to the “Burning Bush” and “ Listening to the Voice of Creation”.

The Different versions of the Burning Bush by the children.

There are many things we can learn from children if we really listen to their story. As in this picture I’m pointing to. I ask this young man what is this tree doing?? He said “He is asking the other tree for some water from the pool. They are family”.

After the seminar, the traditional protocol took place and it is a great Blessing here in Fiji we still have our Traditions and Cultures that honours God and have known God through creation even before Christianity came. The people and all creation has one identity which is called the “Vanua”.  That is why for the Indigenous people in Fiji, to get to God, the Vanua is the gate. For He manifested Himself first through creation before becoming Man. And that is also what the Season of Creation is also calling us to realize, “See and Listen” to.

Learnings from St Angela.

  • The children featured prominently in this program and this can be a development program for the community and parish.
  • Family based approach to the Season of creation.

Way Forward

Living in urban and semi – urban community can sometimes have a disconnection between reality and ecology and this kind of program can be a sustainable way of putting Theory and Theology into practice. I very grateful for this invitation to be able to share this seminar on behalf of the Columban Mission in Fiji on Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation and hope that this can build our Synodality in our Mission for Christ.

Vina’a Va’a’ levu –

T. Naikasowalu – JPIC Coordinator -Columban Mission - Fiji.


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