Religion Tolerance

Religion is meant to bring Peace

There can never be any real Peace if we do not learn to “ Respect” each other.

It is the building block for Humility. It acknowledged the Presence, Importance and Dignity of “others” and gives space where Relationship and Understanding can be nurtured.

Respect is a basic value of Life  that cannot be “taken” but can only be “gained” if “given”.

It is on this, that we the Columbans have stood for Inter Religious Dialogue to help build peace on earth by respecting one’s belief, faith and spirituality. For every religion ultimately leads to God and our duty is to find “The Way” that we can follow together.

We support the Catholic Church and the Archdiocese of Suva calling out this Selfish and Cowardly act. The destruction of places and objects of worship are acts of Defiance and  Disrespect towards God.  It must stop for it is a crime and a sin that destroys the Interconnectedness of God’s Infinity that is revealed through different cultures and religion.

VANDALISM ON PLACES OF WORSHIP By Archbishop Peter Chong Vandalism on places of worship has been a recurring crime. The...

Posted by Archdiocese of Suva on Sunday, January 30, 2022


Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation
by Tevita Naikasowalu