St Pius – Parish Workshop – Raiwaqa.

JPIC Columban Mission - Fiji & St Pius  parish - 24th Sept, 2022.  - 9:30am – 3pm

Our Oceania Theology in the Season of Creation.

Impacts of Urbanization on population and Creation.

The children putting their perspective in art about Season of Creation.

After weeks of notice and preparation, I was able to conduct this workshop in collaboration with Mr. Ben Lee who is the Commission head in Raiwaqa parish and the focal point for JPIC.

Even though, the turnout was low(about two dozen) they were the essential people that were needed to conduct the workshop with as they are leaders in their communities. Furthermore, the youth leaders from Wailea settlement joined us and brought positive impacts and reality to our dialogue with the reality of their situation in relation to this topic.

The Wailea team sharing their story and what they see in community.

The Raiwaqa team – what they see and hear in their community.

Even though these communities are separated just by a road and streets, living side by side, it was empowering and humbling to listen to what they were going through and their struggles. There were many learnings  from their shared experiences which we can use as building blocks for addressing the many social justice issues and challenges that we must be attentive to and respond with compassion in as far as our Mission as Columbans is concerned in Raiwaqa parish. There are many gaps to be filled and new bridges to be rebuild among the communities of Raiwaqa and this is one of its greatest challenges as well its greatest assets as our Archbishop Peter tries to shepherd our leaders to re- build our parishes into Amazing ones.

Positive outcomes of this workshop.

  • Brought together a group of parishners and our Methodist young leaders in Wailea from - young children to Community leaders after so many attempts in a period of 12 months to do this.
  • Was able to deliver this workshop on this scheduled date in a very central and conducive venue.
  • We were able to collaborate and work with our Youths in Veidogo and Wailea in Vatuwaqa from other faiths in these challenging home environment building the momentum from the World Youth day which this workshop is a result of this effort.
  • Has already set the next phase of our community cleanup  which will take place on the 1st October which is dedicated to the Season of Creation while the next one will be on the 15th October which is in continuation of our JPIC mission that we have been working on through the year.
  • Help form the network of communities and re-establish engagement after the devastating effects of Covid 19.
  • The Working committee for JPIC under the Caritas Commission is now developing further from this workshop.
  • First visit by the Raiwaqa members to Wailea is happening on Monday 26th September,2022 for further discussion for the upcoming activities and further awareness.
  • Two clean ups has already taken place before we scheduled this workshop.

What can be Improved.

  • Communication  - JPIC office- parish – communities and vice versa.
  • Commitment and willingness by parishners and communities to participate as this workshop was requested through the parish administration.
  • Youth ministry needs to be active and need our support as they are necessary in the current and further development of Raiwaqa.
  • There needs to be a workshop for the Youth so that they can be updated  and empowered on Social Justice and create awareness and interest in our work.
  • Have another workshop on this topic again  to build on what we have just did.
  • Timing – workshop or activities to not collide or clash with other parish or community schedule.
  • JPIC team to meet regularly.
  • Community visitations and engagements.
  • Community mapping and  profile update.

In deep discussion on the Way Forward.

Way Forward.

Children and young people must be included in our processes – for we can only change our future if we invest in our young people’s development.

My sincere thanks and gratitude to Fr Paul and his team for his support for this to take place in his parish. I thank Ben Lee and his wife for the catering and hospitality plus the community leaders and Wailea community reps for your attendance.

Thank you to the Mission office – Nasese for supporting this JPIC program and I hope that through this continued support we will be able to transform Raiwaqa into an Amazing parish and bring about Justice and Peace to this wonderful, challenging, diverse and vibrant vineyard of Struggles and Blessings.

Vinaka Vakalevu – T.Naikasowalu – JPIC Coordinator.

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