Sustainable Oceans Initiatives Workshop - JPIC Report

I am sharing slides from our Training to illustrate what this huge workshop is about. Actually, it is close at the Heart of JPIC Mission and Work but now the Nations of the World are trying to put into practice and in their different context with a more collaborative approach how we can safeguard the web of life in our ocean. It is a complex, comprehensive, global scientific and also a moral obligation for all of us to try and work together with our governments, NGOs, Civil Societies, scientist, Theologians and communities to address the loss of life at different levels in our societies just as Pope Francis is saying in Laudato Si.

It will take Time, Commitment and Resources but we “must” do it now to give our Children and Future a better chance. The contents of this training can be imparted into our Strategic and work plan to be carried out in our different communities the reason only two were selected from the Oceania region and both from Fiji. A marine scientist from USP and I selected out of hundreds of applicants around the world. Another humbling factor is that all of the 60 participants are scientists except me and the only participant from a Faith based organization.

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