Universal Periodic Review Submission Workshop - JPIC Report.

The UPR is a mechanism by the UN to evaluate  and monitor the state on how the Rights of all People Universally is Respected, Promoted and Protected by countries who are members of the United Nations. In this way the Government,  Civil societies and NGOs submit written reports based on their work to UN Human Rights Council on thematic areas of their work like Climate Change, Biodiversity, Economic Policies, Good Governance, Education, Health, Vulnerable Communities, Poverty etc. so that the relevant laws and policies relating to these issues may amended and improved.  This process happens every 4 years for the 193 member countries and this year Tonga and Tahiti are being reviewed while Fiji’s turn is next year.

The challenge is that to get a good report the Civil Societies and NGOs has to first come together and combined all their Priorities or Thematic areas together so that they can all speak up together. This takes time and resources as not all CSOs and NGOs are available or able to take part. For now only 12 CSOs and NGOs are the Working Group from Fiji and JPIC is the only Faith based organisation that brings in the perspective of Faith, Indigenous people, Poor, Vulnerable communities and Earth.


UPR report review.