Women’s Expo - Nanuku Women

May 17th – 18th, 2023.

Their face says it all. They were over the moon for making it to their 1st ever Women’s Expo and as a registered women’s group. Now it means that have an official  Only five women are selected from their group to represent them as there are limited space available at the expo center.

But not without our share of hardship and humor. Yet the positive impact of our  initiative with this women has a far more reaching effect. It has brought a renewed spirit of optimism, enthusiasm and collaboration. A woman volunteered to offer her car to transport these women to and from for the 3days. Another volunteered for their lunch. Another one to post and share on the Social media to show how proud and happy they were. The men and children were impressed by their mothers. Even, the FBC TV interviewed them. They baked pie, made juice and shared whatever they can and brought a sense of pride to their community.  This is what JPIC is about.

The Columban Support was great. We came as a whole team and this was really a great gesture and honor for them and with our Columban Society Leader, Fr Tim Mulroy and Vida. It is was something extra ordinary.

Day 2 -The atmosphere, excitement , colors and the work of art by these women are breathtaking. Officiated by the minister for Women Linda Tabuya, this was even better.

We marvel and applaud the work of all this women.

Traditional Art and Craft can only survive if it taught to the younger generations and practiced at Home and Community level which is the school for this art. That is why we need to keep working with our communities because through these creativity is how we can strengthen the Identity, Value and Dignity of all people and the unique gifts God has given to each one of us.

Our  Nanuku Women in the thick of things enjoying it all and this to them is like the United nation general assembly in Geneva. Pictured with the Minister for Women Hon Linda Tabuya. What a day.

It is indeed a happy feeling to see the smiles of all these women and this type of project can certainly build communities and  bring Peace . Vinaka vakalevu.

Te, JPIC Fiji


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