World Day of the Sick

When I am weak, is when I am strong...

This is the first time for me to experience the humble vulnerability and absolute power of Christ in this Holy Mass offered for the sick in place full of sickness itself.

During this time of COVID and the protocol for visitation to the sick is very strict and any ministering is difficult, God's providence to provide His healing help to the sick comes in the form of a sick priest himself.

So far, we have visited and anointed other sick patients in this ward and it is most encouraging to see one of their kind among them.

It is indeed true that the ways of the Lord are mysterious and above the ways of man.

We can only marvel, praise and be thankful to God that in all our darkest moments in life, He has always being by our side.

We must therefore be grateful for what we have and for who we are and share what we can to anyone we can , while we still can.

A small community of suffering people sharing the suffering of Christ through His suffering priest..

by Tevita Naikasowalu
CWM Hospital, Suva