World Indigenous Day

9th August, 2022.

International Theme

The International Day of the World Indigenous People 2022 Theme is “Building Social Contract with Indigenous People”.

Pope Francis – Apologies to the Indigenous Canadian 25/07/22

“The Holy See and the local Catholic communities are concretely committed to promoting the indigenous cultures through specific and appropriate forms of spiritual accompaniment that include attention to their cultural traditions, customs, languages and educational processes, in the spirit of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples."



Unjust economic policies are especially damaging to indigenous peoples, young nations and their traditional cultures; and it is the Church's task to help indigenous cultures preserve their identity and maintain their traditions. The Synod strongly encouraged the Holy See to continue its advocacy of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Destruction  of the Savusavu harbour for the development of a Marina. The removal of mangrove for Tourist and yacht.

“The time for rebirth is now". The Church will support the cause of all indigenous peoples who seek a just and equitable recognition of their identity and their rights; and the Synod Fathers expressed support for the aspirations of indigenous people for a just solution to the complex question of the alienation of their lands.

Indigenous in Fiji

In order to have a real sense of harmony and peace in Fiji, we need to follow the example of what Pope Francis has just did to the Indigenous people of Canada. (25/07/22.)

Finding peaceful solutions through reconciliation and making amends for it. This has to be in its holistic approach with the Fijian people, the government and all other members of the Fijian society.

The Indigenous people have been abused through the colonial and dictatorship type of leadership through how their Vanua has been subjected to economic development without proper consultations and dialogue throughout all these years until now. Bills and laws passed without their involvement and contribution and huge Cooperations coming in just to make profit at our expense.

That is why it is important to Protect the Rights of Indigenous People for they are essential to the world in terms of their Roles and responsibilities and the unique ways of their tradition and culture which contributes to the sustainability and harmony of the whole planet, especially here in Fiji.

The presentation of a “Vakavinavinaka” as a gesture of Saying Thank You.

Vinaka Vakalevu,

T.Naikasowalu – JPIC, Fiji.