World Oceans Day

“ To make the World a better place, Mankind must Change its Attitude and Behavior. "

“Especially in  how we treat our Oceans. For it is vital to the whole system of the Planet as it Produces, Provides, Protect and will also Punish if we do not learn how to live with it.”

The best Way to do this, is to teach Ecological Education and Change to our children and young people who will grow up to make this positive changes.

And that process is already happening and we need to support it  and be actively engaged in it,

Partnership Archdiocese of Suva and JPIC.

Voice of our Young People – St Anne’s Primary School

The message is loud and clear “Together we Protect the Ocean”

And our Young children are putting their hands up for our Ocean.

The Oceans, Our Future and our Children

Say No to Oceans Destruction

Clean up on the beach.

Team work - JPIC, Caritas Archdiocese of Suva and Suva city Council.

Rubbish collection team.

This was such a successful event because we are able to include our children and their voices in our struggle to make the world a better place. And we were able to collaborate between our organisations to make this a successful day.

T.Naikasowalu – JPIC, Fiji.