Mankind has the Power to Restore or Destroy the Planet

One of the greatest man made cause of Bio Diversity loss is through the Extractive Industries. According to Global Resources Outlook 2019, extractive industries are responsible for half of the world’s carbon emissions and 80% of biodiversity loss; in fact, over half of climate impacts can be attributed to resource extraction and processing, even before accounting for any fuel that is burned. Everything in Life is connected and are related to each other for their wellbeing. From Sun rise to Sun set, Mountain, Forest, Sky ,Land, Ocean, Animals, Birds, Fish and People. Man has the greatest responsibility. To be a good steward of everything that God has created. To care and respect Creation. To share and look after all people. To live for Justice and Peace on earth.

Upper Sigatoka river, Fiji – Mountain forest, river ecosystem

119 Nasese Sunset, Suva, Fiji

Black Sand Mining Fact Sheet - Votua, Ba

What is Black Sand Mining?

Black sand mining involves extracting iron ore from magnetic sands. Iron ore is often used to make steel.

Black sand mining can be done in several different ways. The Ba Iron sands Project involves dredging sand from the sea floor onto a barge. Once on the barge, the iron ore is separated from the sand, and the remaining sand is returned to the sea floor. The below diagram illustrates a similar black sand mining project in New Zealand:

Source: Kiwis Against Seabed Mining (KASM)

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The Catholic Social Teachings (CST)

  • Rights and Responsibilities. 
  • The Catholic tradition teaches that Human Dignity can be protected and a healthy community can be achieved only if human rights are protected and responsibilities are met.

We have our rights but it comes with responsibilities.

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Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence